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Mademoiselle Butterfly's world is imbued with the grace and magic of childhood. Julie Reydellet, an artist from both France and Quebec, is profoundly drawn to timeless images. Through her delicate illustrations, she wishes to kindle the imagination of young and old day after day. Designed to last a lifetime, every piece that she creates tells a story that can be shared with those we love.

Mastery and Finesse


Our works of art are created in the Limoges decorative arts tradition. 


The traditional art of porcelain painting requires both mastery and finesse. Each piece is fired at a very high temperature

(725 to 825 °C) in an artisanal ceramic kiln.  The colours and precious metals are resistant to wear as they are fixed in the enamel that covers the piece. Hand painted pieces take several hours to decorate with a brush or pen. A hand painted object may need to be kiln fired up to 4 times.


Mademoiselle Butterfly is a member of Quebec's and Canada's porcelain artists associations.

Caring for your pieces 


Mademoiselle Butterfly's fine porcelain pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, except for those decorated with precious metals (gold and platinum). 

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